Meet Marites Idea Novis, the woman of the hour who walks the talk with faith, grace, and glamour. She is the mind behind Qfirst Invest Sydney Australia Pty Ltd (Qfirst Invest).

At the age of 29, having founded a family-owned Philippine-based company Quezon First Engineering Services in July 2000, Marites has mastered the expertise of a property strategist.  Since the foundation of the company, she managed the business and has attained exposure to general construction as finance and logistic manager, all these while juggling the role of a business owner, a mother, a sister, and a daughter.   

 During this time, Marites is unstoppable. The goal-getter in her paved the way of the company’s recognition from Lucena City, the city in which it was established and from other Philippine municipalities as well. Her company expanded and her networks grew. The service of their company stretched: from preparation of building plans and engineering consultancy to actual building construction and electrical installation.

 Quezon First Engineering Services became a persevering force and a coming together of fully committed and well-experienced professional engineers and architects. The company became a breakthrough of trustworthy services which include designing, consulting and building for the growing general construction industry in the advent of the new millennium. She became one step ahead of her competitors because of the company’s state-of-the-art tools and equipment and testing facilities that guaranteed quality workmanship on client requirements and on-time delivery and project completion. There was no denying that the service Quezon First Engineering offered are rooted from the clients’ trust and safety standards and practices it adheres to.

 During her 18 years tenure, having managed their very own first company Quezon First Engineering, Marites knew she has a lot more to offer in the property and business industry that is why she, together with her husband Engr. Gerard Francis Novis, packed her bags and brought her passion and skills to Australia; thus, the foundation of Qfirst Invest on October 2017.

This passion-driven business woman has described her role as Qfirst Invest’s managing director as “an outlet where dreams are allowed to be big and fear is conquered.”  Even on a different country, Qfirst Invest’s ultimate goal did not change. It still caters to the utmost needs of clients, letting them know that their need is the company’s priority.

 At present, Qfirst Invest continues to live by its vision and mission of providing its clients of nothing but the best and most convenient quality homes that promises a secured future.  Each day, Marites, along with Qfirst Invest’s team, dedicates her time and effort in guiding and advising the clients on strategies of achieving their financial goals through property investment.  Through client prospecting, listing, showing, and selling properties, Qfirst Invest assists in developing a property wealth plan.

Qfirst Invest, with a force of more than a decade of experiences and obtained skills, is more than just planning and promises. We are a team of high quality services providing an endless range of possibility built from trust and credibility from our most treasured clients.

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